Crafting A Bloody Mary

Fill glass with ice, add 2 oz. of your favorite vodka, 6 oz. of Tree Line bloody mix, stir, garnish as desired and enjoy!

Some people enjoy whiskey, tequila, bourbon, or even beer with their Bloody Mary Mix. Others drink it with no alcohol at all. The choice is yours, we just supply the deliciousness.

Other Suggestions:

  • Mix our Crestone Cucumber Dill and Pikes Pepper mixes to make a Spicy Pickle Bloody Mary!
  • Pyramid Pineapple Habanero as a shrimp marinade or dip shrimp in your bloody mary!
  • Our Cucumber Dill Mix pairs well with Gin or Aquavit!
  • Try Tequila with our Pineapple Habanero!
  • Love red beers and peppers? Try our Pikes Pepper in Tommy Knocker’s Green Chile Beer!
  • Mix our Roasted Garlic and Pepper mixes together for a delicious spicy- savory Bloody!

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